Useful Tips

Installing Vimium (required for the 'Link Tags' feature)

Link Tags

'Link Tags' is an important feature on the Google Chrome shortcuts page. It adds a yellow numbered tag to each link on a webpage so that you only need to enter that number to follow the link (no mouse required!). This is particularly useful for people who use Grapevine in 'Scanning' mode (using just 1, 2 or 3 buttons or switches). See the demo video.

In order for Link Tags to work, you will need the following:
  1. Google Chrome web browser installed on your computer.
  2. An Chrome extension (free add-on) called 'Vimium' installed. If Vimium is installed, you will see the Vimium logo (shown on left) near the top-right in Chrome.
  3. Vimium settings configured to work with Grapevine.
Installing and configuring Chrome & Vimium (so that Link Tags will work)

Grapevine now includes a special page in the Settings menu which will help you do the above 3 steps easily. To access this page:
  • Click the Settings button on the main keyboard. Hint: It looks like this -
  • Click the "Chrome Links" tab.
  • Click the "Link Tags (Vimium)" tab.
  • The 3 items listed there should each have a green tick. If not, press the button provided and follow simple instructions to fix each item.