My name is Don and I suffer from ALS [MND]. I have been checking out your keyboard for a few weeks and I have enjoyed using it. I have the use of my right big toe and I use a Logitech trackball mouse to move the cursor. I am unable to push the mouse buttons any longer which prompted my search for a replacement. Your Easy Clicks [dwell click] option fills this requirement beautifully. I utilize the Dasher keyboard to write my blog but I use your keyboard for my everyday applications like Facebook. You have created an excellent resource for me. Thank you.
Don Young, California.

I find Grapevine much easier to use than the other on-screen keyboard that I had. It's quicker, especially when you're writing a letter or email. I use the click, repeat and drag ["Easy Clicks" mouse control features] for games and jigsaws... I find it very therapeutic! Thank you very much.
Mai Ryan, Dublin (Spinal Injury/Quadriplegia).

It was becoming impossible to use my computer’s keyboard as I lost strength due to a progressive neuromuscular condition [..Muscular Dystrophy..]. My fingers were weak and even with a wrist rest the edge of my hand kept hitting the space bar. Grapevine On Screen keyboard was the solution! Though I'm not very 'technology literate', I've found Grapevine easy-to-use. There’s a choice of ways to use it and it performs all the functions of a regular keyboard - some of them are made even easier! I can do everything by just clicking the mouse. I also find the predictive facility brilliant when typing. I would strongly recommend anyone who is having a problem with their hands to try out Grapevine and I'm sure they will be as delighted as I am.
Audrey Baker, Dublin.

I love the new keyboard! The predicted sentences are cool and I love the right click option for the mouse – makes life much easier!
Hubert McCormack, Muscular Dystrophy Ireland.

I live with cerebral palsy. I was introduced to the Grapevine on screen keyboard at the end of February [2014]. I use it with a joystick plus. The more I use it the more I learn about it. The predictive text is great. I particularly like the way you can put in your own words and phrases. This is most useful for passwords that you make up yourself.
Peter Moore, Dublin.

My name is Mark & I have Arthrogryposis Multiplex Geniplex. It has severely affected my hands but I can use an on-screen keyboard easily. Grapevine is the best that I have come across. I particularly like the fact that you can change the colour schemes and enter your own words in the word prediction. I would highly recommend it.
Mark Ahern, Mullingar.