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The options for accessing your computer using Grapevine fall into two general categories, 'Pointing Devices' and 'Scanning'. Scanning involves using 1, 2 or 3 buttons or switches only. If possible, it's generally preferable to use a pointing device of some kind because it can speed up your typing and general computer access.

Equipment Options

Access Methods

Mouse or any Pointing Device
  • Examples of pointing devices: Joystick, touchscreen, roller mouse, head mouse, eye tracking device. More Info.
  • If you can already use a mouse or pointing device but have difficulty either using a standard keyboard effectively or performing right-clicks, double-clicks or click-and-drag, then Grapevine Computer Access would be of benefit to you.
  • 'Dwell Click' is a method of selecting an item on the screen automatically after a set delay (without having to press/click anything!).
Scanning (using Buttons or Switches)
  • Scanning is a method of computer access that allows a wide range of operations to be performed using a very limited number of switches or buttons. See the video 'Grapevine On-Screen Keyboard Intro 2 of 2 (Scanning)' for a demonstration.
  • Automatic and Manual scanning modes - 1, 2 or 3 switches can be used depending on what's required.
  • 'Switches' can take many forms (e.g. a large button, a straw that you blow into or an eye-blink detector). More Info.
  • Grapevine works with existing switches and USB switch adapters (e.g. JoyCable, JoyBox, Crick, etc.).
  • Grapevine has lots of advanced options available for scanning (e.g. scanning speed, tremor settings, etc.).
Combinations of Switch and Pointing Device
  • For example, using a head mouse to move to an item in Grapevine, then a blink 'switch' to select it.
  • Lots of other combinations are possible depending on your physical abilities and strengths.